Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nail your lolita look ♥

Why hullo thur!~ ♥  It's a saturday, I've had a looooong lie-in and I've got 2NE1 blasting out. In short, perfect! It's a shame it's horrible weather outside~boo. North-west England is truly awful in mid October.

2440.jpg image by sbathija
Anyway, I just realised I should share something with you guys~ NAIL ART! It's so fun and it is bloody cute. No self respecting lolita would walk out of the house in her perfect outfit, perfectly made-up face, perfect accessories... and with scruffy nails. NO. The outfit ALWAYS comes down to accessories. They help give your look an edge, non?

You can do so much with your nails other than just a typical frenchie.You can paint small cute hearts on them- one time I painted my nails white with red hearts. They looked fab ♥ You can do flowers, musical notes- though not that ridiculous complicated one at the beggining- bows, cat heads, stars (though I'm not a big fan of stars myself). You can do them pale pink and white stripy. Very girlie-rococo. Checkerboard? That would take a lot of time but the end result would speak for itself ♥
If you're wild (why do I seem to use this word a lot?!) you can stick stuff on your nails too, to give them a 3D edge. Cheeky! Just little pieces of ribbon, lace, stickers... In fact, you can buy loads of cute nail stickers, craft gems and glitter from the high street. Take a peek into a Stationary Box or a similar stationary shop. ♥  Secure them with special nail glue that you get when you purchase false nails.

Oh Eva, you're so boring! Sod off with yer French Manicure

Talking about false nails- buy loads of sets, and for more elaborate designs, do them of the falsies and that way you can wear your favourite designs when it suits you.                                                                                        
Have a gander at this quick video, it features a Gyaru girl from England. She'll show you a thing or two about nail art. MAJOR HEART. ♥

If you're a lazy minx though, you can buy deco nails from retailers. I don't know many high street shops that do full-on deco style, but I'd strongly reccomend this wesbite~

It does pre-prepared false nails and also offers a huge range of accessories for nail and phone decoration. The site's worth a look at purely for the uber-cute design. There's clothes too! *excitable gasps*

Anyway, look at my favourite designs for nails. Maybe not the most practical option for a 16 year old student, but I can't help dreaming~ There's only one word I can use to describe them, and that's KAWAII. Yeah. I said it. Watcha gonna do?

Yukimi's teddy bears! Oh, oh, and it says 'hug me'! Shame it's so small...

I seriously wish these were my nails... Yukimi's bows, roses and hearts look like everything that is good about life was thrown into a blender and transferred onto these nails. Mmmmmm. Major jealousy.

 Oh; so cute! I love the glitter and gems on the nails as well, and the Japan-inspired-little-sweet-thing-with-a-face or whatever it is.

If there are bows that are too big to be on your nails, they should be on your nails! I look at these and I marvel at the detail. Look at the cupcakes and pie. LOOK AT THEM. It makes me pitifully sad when I look at my old, chipped polish. Oh my god, I am actually in love with these nails. It'd be annoying going for a wee though, with those

Ok, these are meeker than the nails above, but they're still something. I love dolce deco (mainly because I love eating cake) so I love these nails. I bloody love the fake whipped cream.
And the pale pink colour...

Ohhh, how will you ever go back to plain old polish again?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Lesser Spotted Individual Lolita...

Ok, I don't mean to start on a negative note.
 But, I just need to get something off my chest.

Who's bored of seeing the same Wonder Cookie dress on EVERYONE? The same hair, the same  shoes, the same makeup... I could go on and on.
Ok, me being 16 and all, I haven't had much of a chance to order any genuine lolita brands of the internet. It's either too expensive, or... yeah, actually, just that. I can't even afford shipping, no joke!
But all we see are pictures of similar dressed clones, all wearing the same dresses and shoes! What happened to individuality in lolita fashion?! I first got into the fashion because I had just discovered Japan, and all that- you don't really want the sad story of the typical 'alt' teenager finding out about Japan. I thought it was all really exciting, and so PRETTY. And most of all, unique.


But that's just what (some) lolitas aren't! You probably are, obviously. Just... we see so many pictures of lolitas all looking the same, and it's depressing... Usually, the richer you are (huh) the more branded stuff you can afford, and it kind of halts your individuality.

The Angelic Pretty girls do 'matchy-matchy'

Why not make your own stuff? I've made loli-bags, hair accessories, jewellry... Best of all, it's fun! It makes you feel so proud at the end, and you have one-off, completely individual creations ♥ MAJOR HEART.

Go crazy- buy some lace at your local haberdashery and sew it onto a plain dress, cut out hearts from cute material and pin them onto bags. If you're a really wild person, buy those iron-on transfers for T-shirts, and print out a cute picture and iron it on to your tee! Transfers are available from practically all stationary shops~ ♥
Also, bring some individual touches into your outfits. You should have a certain aspect to your style that you always bring in. For example, if you like socks, show em off! Make fancy socks your thing!  ♥ If you go for the punk loli look, pin badges you like everywhere! Show off your personality with your look!

Take note ladies; this is how it's done. By sewing toy ponies onto your dress and having crazy hair.

So, come on, people... I want to see you all lookin' crazy! That's what fashion is all about!

PS I'll post some photos of my creations in a little while ♥

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dress-up games ♥ Not just for 7 year old girls...

Ok... So it sounds a little weird. But let me tell you something.
It is one of the funnest things you can do online, and I am not even joking.

There are so many Japanese-fashion inspired dress-up games out there in the wideeeee world of the internet. I've pretty much seen them all... ♥ :'D

They're just so cute, and they're all themed and stuff ♥
I've played Lolita ones, Ganguro ones, hell, even Victorian ones! Wait... there was that time I typed 'Cat dress up game' into Google... ♥ Half an hour later and I was still not bored of dressing my cat up in fancy outfits. The novelty just doesn't wear off.

Anyway, I'll give you guys a link to my favourite dress-up games of all time.

This is one of the best sites for dress-up games I've seen in my life. And if you're looking for the best one, I'll give you a more specific game...

Words cannot describe how much I adore this one. ♥ This one is the Holy Grail of lolita themed dress-up games.You can actually put prints on your chosen garments and there is *eeep* even a Hello Kitty print...

Talkin' about Hello Kitty~

Anyway, on that site there's loadssss of subculture dress-up games, so whatever you're in to, it's there. There's even celebrity ones~ Katy Perry dress-up anyone? Yes please.  ♥

And the best of the rest... Wow, cliche?

This is cute.

This is bloody adorable. I love it so much. There's not a wide choice of clothes but it is SO. CUTE.

Oh, hello! There are so many clothes in this one, and little accessories like parasols. And the dresses are to die for. Well, they would be, if they were real.  ♥

Anyway, check out ma lolita dolls. They're looking pretty good.



And, just for funsies...

Just go on it.

Have fun!

Right, now I really am going to do my essay...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Lolita + piercings? ♥

Oh my God. If there is anything I love more in this world, it is piercings.

Personally, I have the standard 2 piercings in each ear, and then on my left ear I have 2 more piercings. 4 altogether. 1 on the right ear and 3 on the left. Recently acquired.

I've just taken my cartilage piercing out 2 days ago. I pierced it myself with a safety pin O_o 30 minutes of pretty brutal pain and then 3 days of stinging, and then the bastard closed up when I took the stud out, because my mum told me to.
All that pain for nothing!

Anyway, the big issue is; can lolitas wear piercings? Of course, I'm talking about facial ones.

I mean, what about everyone who insists lolitas are meant to be sweet and doll-like, and therefore dissaprove of facial piercings? Of course, these are usually day-to-day lolitas (Yes, they exist, so I hear anyway.) But seriously; even if you do want that whole porcelain face look, I'd recommend a facial piercing if you are over 16.

They add interest, look amazing, and of course can look totally cute. They look awesome on Deco + Gothic lolitas, and not only them. Why not sweet lolitas? Himes? Piercings will just look... good, with your bow or mini top hat or whatever you choose to wear on your head... They sparkle.

And really, most of the people who get into the lolita trend are 'alternatives'. Obviously they will get piercings.

Whilst I don't have a facial piercing myself... it doesn't even really matter, because I will get one!

Lookee here, anyway, this is how lolitas wear their piercings ♥

We'll not start a debate, shall we, whether Emiru is 'lolita' or not. He has piercings... therefore, he is on here.

Only dear God. NOT like this...
Mmmm, what a nice image.

Just a little introduction... ♥

Hello! ♥ Look, that's me... Casually posing with a biscuit. Which was good, by the way.

I know it's a little late to start a 'lolita' blog when there's so many out there, but my friend inspired me to do one...

Anyway, I'll start on a introduction. I'm NyaTalia. I love cats. I'm poor so I don't have proper lolita gear. Oh no... I hope that doesn't put anybody off! ♥ There's some pretty good stuff at a local shop called Reef, and I have rather a lot of hair accessories. Pink bows and Hello Kitty and all that.

 Lately have really been into industrial music/dancing. I just think it's all so fun! ♥

Oh, yeah. I'm like the most average person you will ever meet in your life. I'm like Momoko in Kamikaze Girls, only a little more social. Well, quite a lot more social. I have friends... but the real ones I can count on one hand ♥

Basically, I have no goals in life except get to the point in life where I am no longer shocked by anything in hentai. ♥